We’re living in the 21st century, where technology is integrated deep into our lives in so many ways. So it’s no surprise that people now try to find their matches and potential love partners using technology.

Social media apps and websites are more commonly used. As time went by, we heard more and more stories about people finding a partner on Twitter, Facebook, and even the classic social site Myspace. This opened a whole new realm for app developers. The idea was generated when the circumstances present a particular situation.

App creators saw this as an opportunity; people relying on social sites to find hookups, partners, and even love. So they decided to create apps that solely served the purpose of finding dates and matches. These dating apps became an instant hit and have been growing more and more ever since.

We all know about Tinder, which is by far the most popular dating app in the world with over 1 million downloads monthly. Dating apps can become a substantial revenue source with the right traffic. Unified Infotech claims that in 2020 alone, the dating apps generated $3.08 billion in revenue.

We have seen that there are now multiple dating apps with different approaches, but how do we create a dating app that stands out among the rest?

Contrary to the stat shared above, data was released by ‘The Manifest,’ which showed some people are also deleting dating apps.

Interestingly the top reason was boredom which accounted for 25% of the users. It is human nature that he gets bored with the same repeating patterns. To keep them interested in the app, it is necessary to add new features from time to time.

CyberCo2 is working on a similar project; developing a dating app that engages more people by addressing their needs and privacy concerns. Good experience and safety are our top priorities. To all readers who want to build a dating app, here’s how we do it at cyberCo2.

1. Study the Leading Dating Apps in the Industry

There are now thousands of dating applications on the internet, as we mentioned before. The best way to start your journey is to study and analyze these existing apps, especially those leading the market, such as Tinder, OkCupid, Hinge, etc.

With the right mind, you’ll be able to nitpick the reasons for success for specific apps and the failures of others. This will assist you in creating a vague idea of some key elements.

Closely assess the unique features of multiple dating apps, find out some reasons why certain dating apps fail while others succeed, and what sets these apps apart. This will help you avoid some common mistakes when you begin to make your app.

2. Understand the Matching Algorithm on These Dating Apps

There’s a common belief that the matching algorithm brings people together. But in reality, the human mind is just not that simple because every individual has their preferences and needs when looking for a match.

The best thing to add to your dating app is a GPS plugin to help people find matches close to their location. Most of the users look for people nearby to meet up easily. The GPS addition will help get matches from the same town or city. Some apps even add an additional feature that users can buy to increase their match radius.

To match users with each other, you can utilize a math-based approach. It is based on a survey that users must complete when signing up for the platform. This will help provide them with matches relevant to their taste. Understand the math of love to learn how to develop a mobile dating app.
Lastly, apps can present matches based on the user’s behavior. It’s a little more complex than a location-based or simple question-and-answer approach, but it’s more precise. You’ll use this to evaluate user data gathered from many sources such as social media accounts, groups they’re a part of, their profiles, and so on.

This will provide more precise and authentic matches but could create security concerns.

3. Maintaining High-Security Levels on Your Dating App

The biggest concern in today’s society is the lack of security and privacy online. Nothing loses consumers faster than the fear of privacy invasion or retrieval. People will avoid apps and websites that put their privacy in danger. With a low level of security, the app can be utilized by frauds and inappropriate-minded people, which will further lead to people leaving your app.

Therefore, it’s key to develop an app that offers top-notch security for its users. You can do this by verifying the profile of users joining the platform using an identity verification mechanism. You can use social network and phone number verification to ensure that the users who join your app are genuine and aren’t impersonating someone else.

Big leading apps take security and ID verification very seriously; the famous dating app ‘Bumble’ even uses photo verification to ensure authenticity on its app.

4. Only features and security is not sufficient, designing is the key

Every website and app needs an excellent eye-catching interface regardless of the features and services it provides. You’ll need a designer to plan out a beautiful UI design that will flow smoothly and allow your potential users to have a butter smooth experience.

Tinder was the pioneer of the swiping feature, which was utterly brilliant and smooth for the users. When it comes to dating apps, complexity discourages people from using the app, so make your app straightforward to use, it should be quick and efficient.

Everything matters, from your app logo all the way to your interface color combination. It’s crazy how a simple inconvenience can make a user bounce off your app.

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5. Some other key features to add in a dating app

We’ve already discussed some of the significant foundational steps a developer needs to perform during his dating app production. But there are many other minor features that you can add to your app to provide a complete experience.

Verification system

As we mentioned before, verification is vital! Adding a verification step to your app will filter out all the creeps, frauds, and bots lurking all over the internet.
Through verification, users will also feel safe interacting with an actual human being verified by the app system itself. It creates an authentic environment and presents the app as a secure platform.

Messaging system

After all, you are trying to make people interact and find their love/fling. This one is a no-brainer; why not create a space which keeps the user at the app even after finding their match? This would increase the time spent on your dating app. The matched pair would conveniently get to know each other within the app, and they’ll also be able to plan their meetups or dates

Date ideas

While talking about dates, why not create a database of date suggestions. People could use this function to assist them in deciding where to go on their first date with their match. Fun and quirky date ideas will help out the users reach a conclusion. This feature will improve the interactivity and friendliness of your application.

Set preferences

Allow users to add their preferences in worldly things like movies, TV shows, food, music, and so on. This will help matchers to check if their taste aligns with each other. Sometimes a particular movie or musician could prove a deal-breaker for an individual. You’d be surprised to find out how much emphasis people put on these things.


Lastly, you wouldn’t want your app to be out of touch with the users. Notifications are essential in the social app game. These timely pop-ups will help remind the user of what they’re missing out—a simple notification indicating that someone matched with you could drive the user right into your app.

Users tend to forget about apps that don’t notify them. Spamming notifications could lead to users leaving the app for good, but simple and timely push notifications could greatly increase the people’s engagement and time spent on the app.

6. Implementing Tech Stack

A tech stack is a group of technology a developing company uses to create and operate its application. Therefore, to create a dating app, it is necessary to have a tech stack that holds the procedure firmly. You need many different tech tools and experts to bring your dating app into full flow. Dating apps are usually run on mobile app stack, backend/API stack, and website stack.

Here are some of the tech stacks.

Backend/API stack:
  • Node.js
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • Redis
  • AWS
  • Python
  • Mapbox
  • GoDaddy SSL
Website Stack:
  • Nginx
  • AWS
  • Node.js
  • jQuery
Mobile app stack:
  • Java
  • Objective C
  • Swift
  • Rubymotion

Google Analytics, Twilio, and Google Maps will also be required. You may need to use some other software as well, depending on your feature set, functionality, and the type of dating app you plan to create.

7. Time and Cost of developing a dating app

A dating app isn’t something that you’ll create overnight. It’s a whole trip of a process, and some might even say that it’s even more complex than developing mobile games. After you’ve written down an elaborate plan and you’ve aligned a tech stack with a qualified team of designers and implementers, it’s time to get into action.

According to the numbers provided by Shakuro, a proper dating app will take about 1500 hours to develop. This includes up to 1000 hours to develop the basic app itself, and then You will require another 300+ hours to build its backend using the appropriate tech stacks. The dating app’s interface and UI design can take up to 100 hours, depending on what you want and the capability of your designers. Lastly, testing and pre-launch can take up more than 50 hours before you make the official launch.

So it’s safe to assume that it is a lengthy process during which you’ll need to be patient and focused. Depending on the amount of features you wish to offer, the cost of designing a dating app ranges from $35,000 to $100,000. After that, you’ll need to spend money on marketing, so your budgeting will also need to include that.

8. Finally, here are some ways through which you can generate revenue from your dating app

Even though your primary goal might be to help people find their love, and so the world becomes a happier place, you can admit that earning money through this process won’t hurt anyone either.

Since you’ve already invested a lot in the app, here are some ways that you can earn your investment back.


Ads are the best form of revenue generator when it comes to apps. Most of the apps are generating revenue by offering spaces for ads. However, there’s a downside to this: users might feel annoyed if there are too many ads.

In-App purchases

Adding a range of badges, stickers, coins, etc. This can help you raise money through in-app purchases made by the users.

Premium subscription

You can also add a premium subscription package that would offer unique features, unlimited access, and many other things like that. Users will avail these subscriptions to get their hands on premium features.

Rounding up the information about Dating app development

Now that we’ve mentioned almost all the nit and grits about dating app development and experience, it’s safe to say that dating apps are the new groove in our digital world. The boom of dating apps isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. People find it much more fun and convenient to find partners through these apps.

If you decide to make your app, we believe that nothing is more vital than the customer’s safety and security. Because your app will be connecting strangers, it is your job to provide a safe and friendly environment where individuals may spend time without worry with authentic, verified individuals.

So in CyberCo2 books, nothing is more important than safety and security in a dating app. Once you’re done with that, you can focus on all the other major points in the development.

We hope that our guide cleared up your mind on the process of developing a dating app. Now you can get to work and start spreading the love worldwide!

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