A Message from the CEO

CyberCO2 drives innovation for the world’s most admired brands. Today we lead a global technology movement transforming how the world builds software. You and the rest of the team are a critical element of CyberCO2’s mission to enable companies, from small businesses to corporations, to provide modern, software driven experiences for their customers and workforce’s.

A central tenet of our company is “Do the Right Thing”. This is part of CyberCO2’s core values and ensures the actions we take on our journey are transparent, ethical and honorable.

“Doing the right thing” means we contribute our time, technology and know-how to improve the communities where we work and live. It means we are committed to helping our customers succeed—and grow our business—in ways that benefit the environment and society. It means we operate legally and ethically, everywhere we are and in everything we do. We demand high performance and high standards from ourselves and our partners. We all must operate according to applicable laws and regulations, and in accordance with the letter and spirit of those laws.

Our Code of Conduct (the “Code”), as enumerated in the Appendix below, details our expectations that partners will comply with the laws as well as CyberCO2’s policies and ethical principles. Our Code applies to team members in all roles, at all levels and in all locations. We also expect our agents and other third parties acting on our behalf to adhere to equally high standards.

We look forward to working with you and “doing the right thing” as we mutually delight our customers.


Stephen Madsen

CyberCO2 Technology Partner Program Guide

The CyberCO2 technology ecosystem collaborates with well-respected, industry-leading technology solutions and independent software providers across all major industries to deliver the best curated solutions to our joint customers. Together, we can help small businesses to enterprises make the digital transformation necessary to compete effectively in the market today.

The mission of the CyberCO2 Technology Partner Program (“Program”) is to aid our partners in jointly developing and marketing integrated solutions around CyberCO2 technology. The tiered structure is designed for partners to focus on their strengths to best capitalize on the market for add-on services augmenting CyberCO2 solutions. We offer a streamlined process to help identify, qualify, integrate, launch and successfully promote new partner offerings to CyberCO2 customers and channel partners. When you become a CyberCO2 partner, you have greater possibilities of expanding your reach in the marketplace. You will develop a deep understanding of CyberCO2 Digital and the service opportunities surrounding CyberCO2 business solutions. Together we can drive IT innovation to our customers across multiple industries where digital transformation presents enormous opportunities.

This Program Guide (“Guide”) is intended to help partners engage with CyberCO2 and derive the greatest possible benefit from our collaboration. It governs the administration and operation of the Program and may be updated by CyberCO2 from time to time at our discretion.


The Program’s primary objective is to provide CyberCO2 Technology Partners with a structured, responsive and profitable business model using an agile-based collaborative methodology that blends technical expertise with industry-leading go-to-market approaches.

The goals of the CyberCO2 Technology Partner Program are to:

  • The Program’s primary objectiveMeet Customer Critical Needs. At CyberCO2 we are 100% focused on customer needs. This drives our business strategy, merging traditional enterprise technologies with new technical leadership from our partner ecosystem to build the next generation of applications, digital marketing, and social media management. With a collaborative go-to-market approach, our goal is to join forces with partners in delivering real business value to customers.

  • Create a Mutually Beneficial Ecosystem. The CyberCO2 Cloud Foundry is the foundation of our technology stack, driving a cloud-native approach for customers to accelerate application delivery. The CyberCO2 Partner ecosystem expands the capabilities of this to deliver a wealth of add-on services, including: analytics, API, audit, performance management, business process management, continuous integration and deployment, content management, databases, data transformation, e-commerce, branding, messaging, mobile, security, testing, scalable data services, logging, and more. 

In turn, our partners can leverage our extensive enterprise reach, gain access to CyberCO2 subject matter experts, identify and map joint opportunities, utilize discounted training courses, and jointly market solutions to customers including on our site.

  • Onboard and Launch Integration. To capitalize on the growing breadth of enterprise customers’ adoption of modern software development practices, our Program facilitates the on-boarding, technical integration and launch of new partnerships. From inception to launch, we work together to offer a collaborative go-to-market approach that helps our customers get the best value for their investment and drive mutual demand for CyberCO2 and partner products and services.


We want to create a comprehensive ecosystem of partner add-on services for CyberCO2 offerings. Our goal is to build a marketplace that lets IT operators offer a consistent suite of secure, managed infrastructure on every cloud. Please contact Here4U@CyberCO2.com to inquire.


The Program has two tiers designed to accommodate various levels of commitment from ISVs. The program tier and customer demand for an ISV integration determine the benefits a partner receives.

ISV Registered Tier: The Program’s “Registered Tier” provides a base set of benefits for ISV partners, as described in Table 1.

ISV Advanced Tier: The Program’s “Advanced Tier” includes an expanded set of partner benefits such as outbound marketing, sales enablement and distribution. Partner integration’s can be downloaded by customers from the CyberCO2 network alongside CyberCO2 Technologies. See Table 1 for a complete list of benefits by partnership tier.1

Access to the CyberCO2 Partner Portal

All partners will have access to the Partner Portal (Partners.CyberCO2.com), a single source that partners can use to get program information, Global Talent Management (GTM) resources, sales role/audience profiles and CyberCO2 product messaging.

Consultation with CyberCO2 Engineering

All partners are eligible for consultation with CyberCO2 Platform Engineering as soon as the Registered Tier Partnership agreement is signed. The first step will be a “Technical Inception.” After which CyberCO2 Partners can pair your program with CyberCO2 Platform Engineers in one of the following ways:

  • Through a dedicated private Bitrix24 Messenger Channel
  • Through access to Bitrix24 environments managed by CyberCO2 Engineering (CyberCO2 Integration Environment)

ISV Tech Hub

All partners have access to the ISV Tech Hub. The Tech Hub is intended for developers who have no experience building integration’s with CyberCO2, or simply need a refresher on a key topic.  This self-help site offers conversations on SEO’s, Digital Marketing, Mobile App Development, Branding, as well as many others.

Alliance Manager

All partners will be assigned an Alliance Manager who will serve as the partner’s primary contact at CyberCO2.

CyberCO2 Partnership Tier Badge

There are two levels of badges that our partners earn — the CyberCO2 Registered Tier Partner badge and the CyberCO2 Advanced Tier Partner badge. Partners may display the Program badge pertaining to their tier on partner’s website, other online properties, and offline marketing materials.

Access to Brand Assets, Marketing Guidelines, and Sales Tools

Brand assets, marketing guidelines, and sales tools, for all partners are made available through the CyberCO2 Partner Portal for self-service access.

CyberCO2 Brand Assets help you stay in legal compliance when mentioning CyberCO2 in your marketing content. Brand assets made available to partners include our company overview and description, logos, color swatches for creating co-branded assets and many other tools. These are shared with the goal of helping partners develop messaging used in press releases, blog announcements, collateral and other marketing assets explained in detail within in our ISV marketing guidelines.

The ISV Marketing Guidelines provide an overview of the whens, hows, and who’s of marketing activities, with a goal of helping partners know what’s possible, what’s a priority, and what our processes are for getting activities done.

Sales tools such as target persona information, product information, and templates to help create customer-facing and sales-facing content, are made available on the CyberCO2 Partner Portal as well.

Partner Landing Page on CyberCO2.com

All partners can work with CyberCO2 Product Marketing to publish a landing page on CyberCO2.com so that partner integration’s may be discovered by current and prospective platform users. These pages are ungated, search-engine discoverable, and allow for differentiated messaging, thereby giving valuable exposure to your integration(s) and relationship with CyberCO2.

Live Introduction and Promotion to CyberCO2 Field

Once your integration has been available to customers, CyberCO2 evaluates market demand, feedback from sales teams, and customer success with the partner, and invites them to give a live (conference call) presentation and demonstration to the CyberCO2 sales teams. This resource is designed to support partners in growing their business and reach new customers.

Joint Go-To Market Messaging and Support

Successful adoption of partner integration’s is very important to CyberCO2. We are always looking for opportunities to grow the partnership and engage in a variety of joint go-to market activities. Based on customer demand, partners in our Advanced Tier are invited to CyberCO2 led joint awareness and lead generation activities such as webinars, podcasts, joint speaking engagements, press and analyst briefings, and field events.

Beyond what is enumerated here, we welcome opportunities to support the partner’s own marketing activities and reciprocate social media promotion.

Customer Access to Partner Integration via CyberCO2 Network (Software Distribution Platform)

Advanced ISV Tier partners may distribute their integration software and documentation through CyberCO2’s Network, Bitrix24. Bitrix24 is a software distribution platform used by CyberCO2 customers to keep their environments up to date and secure. CyberCO2 and partner product teams upload new versions of their software along with relevant legal, compatibility, and documentation metadata to Bitrix24. Software available on Bitrix24 can be made accessible to both the general public and to sales teams. Users can subscribe to individual products to learn about new releases and receive alerts on new versions. Customers, field engineers, and internal teams download software as it becomes available and consult the provided metadata to learn more about what they are installing. We offer fine-grained access controls for product file upload and release and have a fully-isolated server for distributed files.

End Users of software available on Bitrix24 are able to automate their workflows through Bitrix24 resources. Production teams and partners are able to use Bitrix24 to contact everyone who has downloaded their files in the event of an issue as well as to ensure their customers have a smooth update experience.

Bitrix24 enforces legal restrictions on access to software in compliance with US Government and other international export restrictions and ensures that all download’s of CyberCO2 and partner software have read and accepted an associated end user license agreement (EULA). CyberCO2 may review product admins and staged releases to ensure they are safe to distribute, and we undergo mandatory checksum verification’s for every software file uploaded to Bitrix24.

CyberCO2 Brokerage Program

Select ISV Advanced Tier partners with a value-added product or service may be eligible for funding from CyberCO2 to finalize their product, assist with marketing, or various other reasons.  In return, the partner will share part of the profits with CyberCO2.

Joint Account Mapping

Select ISV Advanced Tier partners may also be eligible to receive joint sales support based on customer demand. This includes aligning account teams and tracking accounts for mutual co-sell and referral success. The purpose of this activity is to help our partners properly promote, educate, and sell integrated solutions.

CyberCO2 Integration Environment (Bitrix24)

All partners may be granted access to CyberCO2 internal integration and test environments. This makes it easier for partners to validate their product offering(s) with Bitrix24 without having to install and maintain Bitrix24. We regularly update these environments with the latest version of Bitrix24.

Access to CyberCO2 Partners Group Messaging Team

All partners are eligible for a private messaging channel on the CyberCO2 Partners team. This is the recommended way for partner engineers to collaborate with CyberCO2 platform engineers on partner’s product/service integration.

Technical Documentation

All partners have access to documentation on the process of building and publishing integration’s on CyberCO2 Network.

CyberCO2 Continuous Integration

All ISV Advanced Tier partners with Bitrix24 integration’s are automatically enrolled in continuous integration (CI) testing against all current versions on all major supported Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) variations. They also have early access to product release candidates through this CI system.

Help with Install and Upgrade of Product / Service from CyberCO2 Global Support (Upon Receipt of Program Fees)

All ISV Advanced Tier partners who are current with program fees are eligible to receive assistance from CyberCO2 Support to troubleshoot issues arising from partner’s own installation of their product/service. Since CyberCO2 provides PIE for partners, CyberCO2 platform engineering will not support partners with their installation and upgrade of their local environments.


Please follow the below steps to complete enrollment:


The Agreement automatically renews annually, and CyberCO2 will send reminders and a link to pay your renewal fee by credit card for the Program Fee. If your billing contact changes, please contact Here4U@CyberCO2.com.

  1. Review the CCO2PP Program Guide and Program Agreement.
  2. Electronically sign Registered Tier Agreement with CyberCO2 on the CyberCO2 Partner Portal.
  3. Receive your Welcome Packet and pay your $500 annual fee by credit card.


Please follow the below steps to complete enrollment:

  1. Review the ISV Addendum, CCO2PP Program Guide and Program Agreement.
  2. Electronically sign agreements with CyberCO2.
  3. Follow the instructions in the Welcome Letter to begin accessing benefits.
  4. CyberCO2 shall issue a $5,000 invoice and Partner shall pay according to the Program Agreement terms and conditions.


The Agreement automatically renews annually, and CyberCO2 will send reminders and issue an invoice to your billing contact for the Program Fee. If your billing contact changes, please contact  Here4U@CyberCO2.com.


Please contact Here4U@Cyberco2.com.

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