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Do you want to take your company to the next level? Allow our team of experts to assist your company take the leap into the successful world of digitalization.

Our scholarship programme, which was created by renowned expert entrepreneurs for businesses, can assist minimize expenses and shorten development time without sacrificing quality, which will ultimately allow your young company to reach new heights.

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Share your company’s journey with us, complete the thorough form which will help us have a general vision of your standpoint.

Phone Evaluation and Qualification Interview

A member of our Startup Scholarship team will contact you to set up a phone interview.

Application Review

We are unable to accept every applicant due to bandwidth constraints and to maintain quality assurance, which is why we conduct a rigorous internal evaluation of admissions based on application forms and interviews.


We will contact you with our final decision following our assessment. If your application is accepted, we will schedule an initial call to begin your journey with our experienced team to help your company flourish. If you are not approved, we will still contact you and provide you with constructive feedback in order to help you with your future application.


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